“In Big-Dollar Philanthropy, (Your Name Here) vs. Anonymity”

Buff Kavelman was interviewed by New York Times reporter Mark Oppenheimer for his May 11, 2013 article on major philanthropic giving in New York City. Through the lens of Judeo-Christian teaching on giving, Mr. Oppenheimer examined donor motives behind named and anonymous gifts. Ms. Kavelman shared insights from her work with a client capable of making seven-figure contributions, who chose to remain anonymous. In the case of this donor, privacy was a top priority.

To access the full article “In Big-Dollar Philanthropy, (Your Name Here) vs. Anonymity”, please visit the New York Times website: http://www.nytimes.com/2013/05/11/us/in-philanthropy-your-name-here-vs-anonymous-giving.html?pagewanted=all