Buff Kavelman Co-Chair of International Grantmakers Network

In May 2019 Buff Kavelman was named the co-chair of Philanthropy New York’s International Grantmakers Network. She looks forward to serving with her fellow co-chair Patricia Moore Nicholas, Program Officer, International Program, at the Carnegie Corporation of New York.

The International Grantmakers Network (IGN) was created by Philanthropy New York in 2012 to enhance the effectiveness of grantmakers working internationally. The IGN helps funders address issues when working across borders, to create collaborations and find programs that help them advance their grantmaking goals. It also creates professional development and networking opportunities, connections to peer programs, and presentations by a wide array of speakers and experts in global grantmaking.

Founded in 1979, Philanthropy New York is a professional association of some of the world’s leading grantmakers. It works to enhance the ability of family foundations, private foundations and corporate donors in the New York region to serve the public good.  Collectively members provide $6 Billion in annual support in New York, the U.S. and around the world.