Services for nonprofit organizations

There are three top factors that will ensure a nonprofit organization’s long-term sustainability and ability to thrive and respond to changing economic conditions:

  1. A robustly functioning board that is large enough, deep and diversified in its ability to serve the organization’s mission, as well as firmly and effectively connected to its staff

  2. Program excellence with a clear focus on core competencies and mission, operating in a way that can best serve an organization’s audience or community

  3. A diversified and balanced income strategy

TKG offers our nonprofit clients a variety of services to strengthen all three areas:

Strategic Planning

  • Benchmarking and environmental analysis

  • Interview key stakeholders

  • Development and management of working groups

  • Plan implementation guidance


  • Governance audits and analysis

  • Board development plans

  • Organizational and committee structures

Program Development

  • Feasibility studies

  • Program design and launches

  • Operational plans

  • Evaluation of existing programs

  • Recommendations for improving programmatic quality and capacity

Symposia and Educational Retreats

  • Conceptual and programmatic development

  • Event planning and production

  • Speaker arrangements

  • Program facilitation


  • Internal development audits

  • Campaign counsel

  • Prospect research and grantwriting

  • Staff and board training