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The Kavelman Group

The Kavelman Group Philanthropic Advisors LLC (TKG) is a consulting firm that advances positive social change by building strength in the nonprofit world. Founded by Buff Kavelman in 1997, our consultants have extensive senior-level experience spanning both the funding and the nonprofit management sides of philanthropy at some of the country’s leading institutions such as the American Academy in Rome, Asia Society, National Endowment for the Arts, Rockefeller Foundation, Smithsonian Institution and Columbia University.


TKG’s clients include:

  • Individual donors and families

  • Foundations and trusts

  • Private banks and wealth management firms

  • Family offices

  • Nonprofit institutions

As a boutique consulting firm, our clients benefit from personalized, direct senior staff services. We take the time to thoroughly understand each client’s mission, current situation, organizational culture, and reasons for seeking a consultancy.

TKG’s services have been a catalyst for significant growth and positive change for a broad range of philanthropic clients across the country and 26 countries around the world. We have helped clients launch new programs, develop lasting partnerships, build operational capacity and strengthen governance. We work with an active, collaborative approach to ensure the strongest possible impact.

Our services inform strategic philanthropy and achieve meaningful, impactful results. TKG clients have benefitted from:

  • Needs assessments and research to inform new funding strategies that have become national and global models

  • Strategic planning focused on the client’s vision, including different options for how it can be developed to the next level

  • Setup and management of efficient, strategic grantmaking programs

  • Evaluation of established programs and recommendations on how they can best serve evolving needs

  • Board recruitment and development to achieve more effective governance

  • Preparation and facilitation of board meetings and retreats that engage leadership and result in mission-driven action

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Kavelman Group Philanthropic Advisors

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